Put It Into Thermal Overload… And Get $500 Cash


Duroweld is a progressive privately owned New Zealand company that has been importing, selling and using Hugong welding and cutting equipment since 2005.

As of recent, Duroweld has had more to do with the general welding / fabrication market and is alarmed at the number of transformer style welding machines still being used.

“With the weld quality, unprecedented duty cycles and low input power requirements of new inverter welding machines, we are still trying to figure out why anyone, other than a museum, would still own a transformer welder, let alone buy one new,” says Richard Mascull, Duroweld owner. “As the New Zealand importers of HG Hugong, we are offering $500 cash to the first person who puts a Hugong Invermig Series welding machine into thermal overload. This is to emphasise how honest the HG Hugong gear is and to make you aware that ‘power issues’ and ‘thermal overload’ can be a thing of the past in your workshop,” he says.

With an extensive dealer network offering the largest range of welding and cutting equipment in New Zealand, HG Hugong has your welding and cutting requirements covered. All HG Hugong machines are also covered by an unconditional three-year commercial warranty.

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