Composites make Lisa Airplane’s stunning, light amphibious ski-plane


LISA AirplanesFrench company Lisa Airplanes has developed the Akoya, a unique light airplane able to land on either ground, water or snow, offering previously unthinkable transportation possibilities. This innovation was launched in the international market last month.

Entirely designed in composite materials and powered by a 100 hp Rotax engine, the Akoya has a unique, streamlined design that is equipped with cutting-edge innovations.

Multi-AccessTM technology allows the Akoya to take off and land over less than 200 metres – private land, airfield, airport, lake, river, sea or snow-covered runway.

Pivoting wings enable the Akoya to be stored or transported with ease. The technical feat is made possible by the development of the SeafoilsTM hydrofoil, a unique innovation in the world of aviation.

Located under the fuselage, the hydrofoils are connected to a retractable landing gear equipped with skis and pivoting wings.

Professional EPNER test pilot Gérald Ducoin said the Seafoils are “truly revolutionary” and offer both fast lift-off and stability.

“They also considerably simplify landing manoeuvres and taking off from water. In spite of its impressive technical capabilities, the Akoya is a very accessible aircraft,” Ducoin said.

The Akoya is a completely equipped, high-end airplane. Numerous safety devices have been included to assist the pilot in all phases of flight, including a full parachute that will bring the plane and its passengers to ground in total safety in case of a major problem.

Its many new features enable it to reach unprecedented seaplane performance levels. With just 70 litres of unleaded gasoline, it can fly over 1100 km at a speed above 210 km/h.

In other words, taking off from the Washington suburbs and landing in a lagoon in the Gulf of Mexico, going from Madagascar to the Seychelles or taking off from a snow-covered surface in the Swiss Alps, making a stop at a cove in Sardinia and continuing on to Tunis are just some examples among many of the choices offered by the Akoya. Work out the kiwi options.

“Offering more than just another new plane on the market, Lisa Airplanes brings a further dimension to light aviation by developing the concept of recreational flying, where going from Point A to Point B becomes both simpler and faster, making it a real pleasure once again,” says president and co-founder of Lisa Airplanes Rick Herzberger.

From the beginning, Lisa Airplanes co-founders Herzberger, Luc Bernole, Benoît Senellart and Jean-François Clavreul have affirmed a strong company identity by building a team with varied cultural backgrounds, which today counts 25 members.

Synergy among the different Lisa Airplane team experts – in research and development, design and quality – led to the creation of the Akoya.

LISA Airplanes anticipates receiving Light Sport Aircraft certification – the new American standard that is to become an international standard – in mid 2012.

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