Complete checklist before forklift will operate


Toyota I_Site

AB Equipment has announced an upgrade to its Toyota I_Site forklift operating data information system.

Toyota I_Site now features a new generation pre-operation checklist with digital display that ensures that an operator follows a clear list of operational checks before the forklift can start work and be put into motion.

The new checklist makes it virtually impossible for any forklift to operate in an unsafe condition resulting in less downtime and an overall reduction in costs. The checklist itself can be customised and an authorised staff member can change the questions asked of the operator at any time.

Once correctly answered the forklift is good for the operator to use for the next twelve hours. As each person has an individual pin code other operators wanting to use that particular forklift will have to adhere to the same procedure.

Toyota I_Site was designed specifically to help owners to optimise their fleet sizes, reduce damage costs, identify which drivers needed additional training and to control access to the forklift. Toyota I_Site is not simply about supplying a clever system and reports about your forklift fleet, it is also about proposing an ongoing support programme that helps analyse fleet information and provide a faster and easier decision making process.

Toyota I_Site supplies data from its service database together with information taken directly from the forklift using the latest wireless technologyTechnicians can then work with you to interpret this wealth of information into practical solutions that deliver valuable cost savings, improved productivity levels and higher safety standards across the customers entire fleet.

Running a safe, efficient and cost effective materials handling operation is no easy task. It requires constant analysis and decision making to control a whole variety of different costs and operational factors. The new Toyota I_Site Pre-Op Check List feature ensures that the driver is better prepared, which in turn leads to a safer and more productive working environment.

While each of AB Equipment’s services and after market solutions play a vital role in adding value to your materials handling operation, the Toyota I_Site can complete the picture and empower you to focus on running your core business.