Competenz and FITEC merge



There was further consolidation of the ITO sector on May 1 when Competenz, ITO for manufacturing, engineering and food and beverage manufacturing, took over responsibility for the forestry, wood manufacturing, furniture and biosecurity ITO, FITEC.

“Competenz, as a high performing ITO, is committed to delivering high quality training meeting industry’s needs,” says John Blakey, Competenz chief executive.

“We are looking forward to working with the industry and will maintain a sector identity for the industry within our brand, operations in Rotorua, and a sector advisory committee structure, and will continue to engage with the wider industry stakeholder groups.”

The rationale for FITEC’s merger with Competenz is based on the strong links between manufacturing and wood processing where there are already overlaps with training qualifications. There are also links with forestry where increasing mechanisation, in-forest log manufacturing, and use of heavy equipment provide a ready relationship with engineering and manufacturing.

In addition, the forest and wood industry are keen to keep the wood supply chain intact and industry associations have expressed support for the merger.

“The upskilling of the employees in the sectors we cover is vital to the health of the New Zealand economy,” says Mr Blakey.

“The merger between Competenz and FITEC will simplify the system and provide benefits not only for learners and companies but for the country as well.”