Bigger, better and faster across the nation


Supply Services Ltd is celebrating the commissioning in April of a new Holzma HPP530P ProfiLine CNC beam saw. The machine is specifically optimised for cutting solid engineering plastic panels up to 130mm thick. It replaces an older Holzma HPP11 beam saw which has been moved to the Christchurch branch.

The new Holzma HPP530P ProfiLine machine can handle sheet sizes up to 3200mm square, with a maximum cut up to 130mm thick, although the typical size sheet would be limited to 100mm x 1220mm x 3050mm. These sheets in solid plastic can weigh up to 475kg each, so require care when handling.

“We wanted to increase our total capacity, quality of cut and reliability across the entire business. So the older Holzma beam saw machine was moved to Christchurch and the new one installed at Mt Maunganui, which has the highest volume of cutting,” says general manager Baden Prentice.

“Plastics have low melting points and high rates of thermal expansion, which also create some unusual issues when cutting such as melting and compression on the saw blade. Being optimised for plastics, the new HPP530P beam saw has some unique features to cater for plastics such as smooth extraction ducts, climb cutting, coolant spray and additional clamps for thin or narrow materials.

“It can also automatically alter its speed, feed and clamping pressure depending on the type and size of material being cut. Saw blade changes are also very quick and easy, with the saw carriage parking itself to one end and full access is given by an office sized door,” says Mr Prentice.

The Holzma HPP530P utilises a main machine girder in a mineral casting design. This is unique to the plastics machine and almost doubles its weight to about eight tonnes.

“We had to pour a new reinforced concrete floor before installing this saw. The benefits were obvious from the very first cuts – the machine has a lot less vibration and is much quieter. Cutting speeds are incredibly quick and saw blade sharpening requirements have halved. It also uses approximately 30 percent less compressed air than the older machine,” says Mr Prentice.

“I have just returned from the LIGNA Timber and Woodworking trade show in Hanover, Germany which showcases various types of sawing equipment – so I know we have a world class machine. I primarily chose Holzma as Ensinger GmbH, our main supplier of engineering plastic materials out of Germany, has extensively used these saws for some years.

“There is no doubt that as far as dedicated plastic saws are concerned, this is the cutting edge. We also ordered several additional options that are available for this machine which will enhance our capabilities and add extra value for our customers,” he says.

Once the sheet materials are broken down into smaller pieces they are either then sold to end users as per their specifications or go on for further processing by router, lathe or mill in one of Supply Services own machine shops.

Eventually the plastic materials end up in a wide range of engineering applications covering the food industry, medical, aerospace, forestry and agriculture to name just a few.

“Constant support from our growing customer base across the country has allowed us to make this significant investment in our business and we would like to say a big thanks to them,” says Mr Prentice.

With three branches, covering Auckland, Mt Maunganui and Christchurch, Supply Services Ltd now utilises five flat panel sawing centres.