Balken workstation gantry systems



The Balken range of gantry systems covers all light to midrange applications.

It is no wonder more and more businesses are choosing the work station system to improve efficiency, safety and effectiveness in the workplace.

Bridge type workstations cover rectangular areas up to a width of 10.3m and as the fl oor mounted units are a bolted system, they can easily be added over time and even relocated to other areas in the future.

Bridge cranes can be floor supported, provided the concrete floor thickness is 150mm. These units are ideally suited to both new and older buildings and as they are ‘stand alone’ units, it is not necessary to re-engineer existing structures to ensure they are compliant.

Ceiling hung units are also available. With ceiling mounted units, supporting steel does not interfere with the handling operation. These units do require a building with adequate overhead structure to hang the unit.

Designed in adjustable modules, these workstation gantries have a lifting capacity of up to 2,000kg.

The enclosed track system has been especially designed to virtually eliminate dirt and dust build up from the rolling surface, thus reducing the wear on the wheels of the trolley of the end trucks.

Long spans translate into fewer runway support points, less interference of work cell layout, longer bridge lengths and free standing capabilities – just another reason why Balken workstation cranes are amongst the most versatile to apply and easiest to install in the industry.

Along with jib cranes and portable gantry systems, Stratalign has the ability to cater to all requirements.

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