Aussie pump maker signs distribution deal with plumbing technology giant


Rothenberger’s Oliver Taylor signs the international distribution agreement with training partner John O’Connell

Australian Pump Industries invented the Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetter and put high pressure drain cleaning on the map.

The company has now signed an international distribution arrangement with the giant Rothenberger Group.

Rothenberger is regarded as being a leader in plumbing equipment technology and operates a worldwide distribution network. The company has factories, branch offices and distributors across the globe.

The initial agreement involves the manufacture, by Aussie Pumps, of advanced design drain cleaning jetters. The equipment is customised to Rothenberger’s specifications and meets their stringent quality requirements.

“Rothenberger is famous for its relentless pursuit of quality and comprehensive after-sales support program,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager Adam Scully.

“At Aussie, we brought to the table 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. That’s backed by an incredible R&D programme that’s delivered state of the art designs and will ensure future innovative advances,” he said.

Rothenberger is working with Australian Pump to develop a dedicated team of sales and service stations around the country. They will be able to provide plumbers fixed price servicing and fast after sales support.

“The Rothenberger machines, three Honda industrial engine powered high pressure jetters in the 4000 and 5000 psi range, are just the beginning,” said Rothenberger Australian Managing Director Oliver Taylor.

“We chose Australian Pump to partner with us in this great program. Their impeccable credentials, ISO9001 quality accreditation and huge production capacity at the big plant at Castle Hill were all factors. We don’t have time to waste with second class backyard manufacturers and only want to work with the best,” he said.

Australian Pump expects international sales to dramatically increase through the Rothenberger connection.

“Rothenberger’s equipment and distribution channels take our great Aussie product into new areas. International users will be able to experience, for the first time, products developed by and for Australia’s plumbing industry,” Scully said.

Rothenberger will initially market the product range in Australia through Reece Plumbing centres and other selected outlets.

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