Astounding result for exhibitors and visitors alike at EMEX 2014


Astounding result for exhibitors and visitors alike at EMEX 2014

EMEX 2014, held at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland in May, was the largest and most successful for a number of years, with record crowds, record exhibitor numbers and an overall positive response from all those in attendance.

EMEX 2014 attracted over 4,300 visitors representing a staggering 26 percent increase in unique visitors over the last EMEX in 2012.

Exhibitor numbers were well up too with 169 exhibitors or a 28 percent increase from 132 present at the 2012 event and of these 54 were first time exhibitors.

Over the three days of EMEX the theme of NZ Manufacturing Innovation “taking off” was apparent. From the magnificent KC518 composite helicopter to the robotics, 3D printers and latest technology in CNC machines there was something for everyone. Not to mention the very full three-day seminar series including Day 2’s Fostering NZ Innovation championed by Kiwinet.

The feedback from exhibitors has been extremely positive with many stating a positive ROI and hundreds of leads captured.

Among the exhibitors who were seen with new products were:

* Award Marking

* Design Energy


* Dotmar

* Fuji Xerox

* Hurricane Products

* ifm Efector

* Navman Wireless

* Omron

* Ricoh

* Scott Machinery

* Syntech Distributors

* Tasman Machinery

* Total CNC Products

* WorthyCAM

Total CNC Products

Total CNC Products had the new model Kitamura Mycenter 3XG as a show piece. Visitors were particularly impressed with the new Arumatik-Mi CNC controller designed in house by Kitamura. The huge 19-inch LCD screen offers a unique and easy to use interface between the operator and machine.

Total CNC managing director Rodney Oxford says they were proud to have former company owner Steve Oxford demonstrating the new 3XG. “Steve sold the first ever Kitamura 3X into New Zealand back in 1994 so it was fantastic to invite him to showcase the new model 3XG 20 years later,” Mr Oxford says.


Dotmar business manager Carl Lunt says the new System Plast multi-directional roller top Conveyor provides precise positioning for cartons and other objects post production or filling prior to additional process or stacking and packing.

Rotating, accelerating, ejecting at right angles and lateral movements are all possible using the latest conveyor technology from Germany and utilised in busy plants throughout Europe, including Heineken, Coca-Cola and Fed-Ex.

Suitable for most components with a flat base, the multi-directional conveyor utilises a counter rotating belt or turntable under the top roller ball belt which moves the package in the desired direction when initiated. Directional behaviour is infinitely adjustable to achieve the predetermined component position or orientation.

“A major benefit is the safety focus, with no pinch points or pneumatics that could harm operators or damage fragile product or packaging,” Mr Lunt says. Incorporating tough Low Friction Acetal components and available up to 1 metre wide, the conveyor can take loads of up to 0.5kg per ball which are spaced at a pitch of 25mm square offering smooth, silent and accurate transfer every time.

Scott Machinery

Scott Machinery had its latest Soco CNC Tube Bender at the show, which is suitable for dairy shed and many other accurate applications. Christian Scott of Scott Machinery and Devin Lai of Soco Machinery were both on hand to demonstrate how clean bends can be made using the machine.

Scott Machinery says customers who came to the stand were very pleased with the clean bends, which had no waisting, no marking of the inside or outside of the tube, and no deformation of the material.

The Scott Machinery team considers the Soco to be a superior product in its class because, “The Soco tube bender’s component design, notably the component die design and mandrel, is crucial. Suboptimal die pressures can cause drag, which can cause tube bend complications. No machine manufacturer can get away with sub quality products these days, but some equipment just stands out.”

Award Marking

Award Marking showcased products from Kern Laser System, who are among the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art large format gantry laser cutting and engraving systems. Since 1982, all Kern laser systems have been designed to handle demanding production schedules.

Award Marking director David Hartstone says all laser equipment offered by Kern is designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. “Kern lasers can be custom designed and manufactured to fit specific requirements,” he says.

HSE (for high speed engraving) is the newest gantry design from Kern that combines fast engraving speeds, consistent beam power and superior beam quality over the entire table top for laser cutting and laser engraving. The sleek wrap around gantry design develops 5 G’s of acceleration moving the laser optics across the table in less than 1 second, at speeds up to 3,800mm per second! The HSE system can be equipped with a metal cutter making this laser engraver the most versatile in its class.

The HSE gantry design will cut wood, metal, plastic and other materials accurately and consistently. The design of this gantry maintains the same laser power and laser beam spot size over the entire table area. This is very important when engraving and cutting your materials.

The 175mm deep vacuum table along with the aluminum honeycomb tabletop will exhaust smoke and debris from cut material. All systems have a top vacuum located on the bottom of the gantry and in the gantry legs to exhaust the smoke and fumes when engraving. Each Kern laser engraver is equipped with a vacuum blower to exhaust the fumes and smoke from the vacuum table chamber to the outside or through a customer supplied fume extraction system.


The NLX2500Y700 turning machine with milling capability was one of two new machines DMG MORI exhibited at EMEX. The other was the DMU70 5-axis milling machine.

DMG MORI New Zealand area sales manager Ben Heywood says attendees appreciated the precision and optimised turning solution offered by the universal lathe NLX2500Y700. “It offers high accuracy, high rigidity and high capacity of cutting, and at the same time achieve cost-effectiveness. This new series has excellent cutting abilities and increases in machine accuracy to that of our best-selling NL series which has already sold over 10,000 units,” he says.

CNC machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI SEIKI has been operating directly in New Zealand since 2009, after the two companies, DMG and Mori Seiki, joined forces in a strategic partnership. Both companies have a long history in machine tools and their reputation for innovation and designing machines that deliver efficiency, precision and speed is now stronger than ever.

Mr Haywood says the DMG MORI SEIKI team philosophy is that even the best products are only as good as the organizations and people behind them. “We support our product line—the most complete in the world – with research and development, application solutions, service, training and education to match,” he says.

The EMEX 2016 has been scheduled from May 31 to June 2, 2016. But before that, SOUTHMACH 2015 will happen from July 22 to 23, 2015 at the CBS Arena, Christchurch.

Post-show Survey Results

A post show survey has generated some great responses. Among the key findings from attendees were:

  • 74% were satisfied to very satisfied overall for EMEX (67% 2012)
  • 73% rated the variety of exhibitors as Good to Excellent (67% 2012)
  • 63.78% Agree or Strongly Agree EMEX is a must attend event (61.4%)
  • 68% hold direct authority for, or influence, purchasing decisions
  • 44% organised a quote or appointment
  • 62% are likely to order after the exhibition
  • 80% are Likely to Very likely make contact with an exhibitor after EMEX (78% 2012)
  • Among exhibitors, 96% were satisfied to very satisfied with sales leads generated (91% 2012).