Appleton adds to Powertite range


Powertite FSQC

Appleton has released the newest member of its Powertite family of switched hazardous location receptacles, the Powertite FSQC.

The Powertite FSQC is an interlocked receptacle offering NEMA 4X corrosion protection to greatly reduce maintenance and replacement costs, especially in wet or marine environments.

It also offers superior electrical performance in hazardous industrial environments, plus features the most compact form factor that Appleton has ever engineered for a device of this type. Targeted applications include Class I environments such as petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, paint and chemical plants, or Class II environments such as grain silos, flour processing plants, or any location where ignitable dusts are present.

As well as providing explosion proof and dust-ignition proof protection in hazardous environments, FSQC 30, 60 and 100 amp receptacles and ACP plugs incorporate an interlocked disconnect switch for added safety.

Simply insert the plug and rotate the receptacle face to the “on” position to lock it in place. The receptacle is then energised. For installations where different line voltages are used, a special polarisation option prevents plug insertion into a receptacle wired for a different voltage.

The Appleton FSQC is the ideal drop-in replacement for competitors’ existing FSQC receptacles. They are UL listed for use with Appleton Powertite plugs as well as UL classified in specific combinations for use with competitors’ plugs. The receptacles are horsepower rated to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.