A whole new dimension in engineering fabrication


Hayden PatterssonDuroweld NZ Ltd is pleased to announce that they have recently been appointed sole NZ distributors for the PlasmaCAM and SamsonCNC range of robotic plasma cutting machines.

These US produced machines have opened up a whole new dimension in engineering fabrication. Operating from easy to use windows-based software, designs can be set up and cut out in minutes with incredible speed and accuracy.

Bill Harris of Duroweld NZ says: “Not only do these machines appeal to traditional engineering fabricators, sheetmetal shops, and parts specialists, but they open up whole new business opportunities in metal art. We have all sorts of artistic designs available that utilise these incredible machines.”

Bill also points out that software is available for three dimensional fabricating of HVAC fittings. “Manufacturing things like sheet metal transitions can be set up and cut out in minutes.” Prospective customers are invited to contact Duroweld NZ to obtain a free promotional DVD that shows the scope of the products.

Duroweld NZ is a family operated, New Plymouth based company, specialising in both machines and products, servicing the welding, hard facing, hard banding, and repair and maintenance industry. Their clients range from oil industry and power generation plants to engineers and farmers. “We have a very broad customer base,” Bill says. “Our company has expanded through providing service especially for difficult welding situations and we specialise in things that are out of the ordinary.”

Richard Mascull, manager of Duroweld NZ says: “Traditionally our company has focused on providing solutions to our customers’ needs, in a very challenging area of welding engineering. Our company focuses on providing technical knowledge and assistance, which is available at no cost to the client. We assess a problem and then make a recommendation. We see the PlasmaCam and Samson machines as a huge breakthrough in allowing engineers freedom to move out and design and make parts which before were unobtainable financially, but now affordable to small engineering shops.”

For more information contact: William (Bill) Harris, technical sales representative, Duroweld NZ Ltd

Tel: 06 324 0590

Email: [email protected]

or visit: www.duroweld.co.nz