A better alternative to big-diaphragm and sealed pumps


In applications where difficult or less than environmentally friendly fluids are being pumped, sealless pumps have rapidly become the technology of choice.

If there are no seals, then there is no possibility of seal wear and the associated concerns over seal replacement costs – perhaps even replacement of the whole pump – and the effects of any possible leakage. If a sealless design is what you’re after, there are a number of options, but one that is steadily gaining in popularity is the Hydra-Cell pump.

Manufactured by Wanner Engineering Inc, the Hydra-Cell offers an interesting alternative not only to bigger diaphragm pumps, but to many other types of sealed and sealless pump. Compared to alternative technologies offering a similar flow, the Hydra-Cell pump is extremely compact. In the design, positive displacement pumping is provided by diaphragms flexed from behind by hydraulic fluid. Each diaphragm closes off a hydraulic cell and separates drive fluid from pumped fluid.

Single cell, three cell and five cell arrangements are commonly used. Unlike conventional pumps which are slow moving and deliver a large volume on each stroke, Hydra-Cell pumps work at high speed, delivering a small volume from each cell but at high frequency. As well as reducing pulsation, this is one reason why the pumps can be so small in relation to flow capacity.

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