July 2018

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Dunedin’s Farra Engineering spots a chance for regional expansion to ignite engineering days gone by.

Reports out of Australia are that its engineering shortage is reaching critical mass and that they must reverse the current reliance on imported engineers – and that may open the door for Kiwis to snatch major contracts from under our cousins’ noses.

“When we’re wanting to deliver infrastructure, deliver innovation in this country, if we don’t have a supply of engineers coming out of our universities, we’re not going to be able to do that,” national president of Engineers Australia, Trish White has warned.



  • Accurately spray coatings and lubricants using spray technology

    Increasing production rates, minimising set times and maximising savings on expensive coatings and lubricants are a few objectives processors strive to achieve when choosing an automated lubrication or coating spray system. Continue →

  • Alex Rivera Diaz,Geothermal engineer, MEnergy graduate

    Boost your engineering career with a masters degree

    Alex Rivera Diaz,Geothermal engineer, MEnergy graduate
    If you’re thinking of upskilling to work in a new area, advancing to a management role, or are interested in career in research, a postgraduate qualification from the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering will provide you with the right mix of practical experience, theoretical understanding, and industry insights to help you become a leader in your field. Continue →