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If you’ve been living under a rock then you would have heard little on the construction crisis that has hit mainstream media, followed by a barrage of negative attention after Ebert Construction went into liquidation.

The Government has stepped in and Infrastructure Minister Hon Shane Jones has been set the task of steering the ship in the right direction (see News on page 10).

The cause of all this commotion has been varied in response, with fingers pointed at a depleted workforce, job quotes too close to the line in desperate attempts to secure contracts and a host more.

But we at NZ Engineering News would like to know what you think has been the problem(s) and what you think might be the solution(s) too.

Kenny Ingram has his say on the right-hand page. Any great letters on this subject will also get column inches inside this publication, so send them in and outline the issues at hand.

Don’t hold back… it’s opinion so feel free to call it like you think it is.


Greg Robertson



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