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Counterfeiting has been around for centuries.

It has, and as the world continues its march toward globalisation, will always be a problem. I recently saw a tv programme where an expert explained how Japanese samurai sword (known as a katana in this case) makers would chisel signatures (mei) on the tangs of a sword to ensure its origin of ownership. Owners would put their own unique versions of who, what, where and when underneath the intricately wrapped handles.



  • Accurately spray coatings and lubricants using spray technology

    Increasing production rates, minimising set times and maximising savings on expensive coatings and lubricants are a few objectives processors strive to achieve when choosing an automated lubrication or coating spray system. Continue →

  • Alex Rivera Diaz,Geothermal engineer, MEnergy graduate

    Boost your engineering career with a masters degree

    Alex Rivera Diaz,Geothermal engineer, MEnergy graduate
    If you’re thinking of upskilling to work in a new area, advancing to a management role, or are interested in career in research, a postgraduate qualification from the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering will provide you with the right mix of practical experience, theoretical understanding, and industry insights to help you become a leader in your field. Continue →