March 2018

Road to Emex Why a highly-skilled workforce is critical for sucess

Special Feature  Welding – Dealing with dangerous fumes – two years on, Industry training is just a weld away

Snapchat – Bugatti’s titanium caliper revs up industry

Stock Take Product and service review

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It’s great to see that when you toss out an idea, even from the root of you being angry at the world – or in this case, someone bagging Kiwi ingenuity and highlighting skewed statistical analysation of it – that others can grab hold of a limb and help grow it, because they see merit.

Page 10 of this issue has the official announcement by XPO Exhibitions in its endorsement of The Great Kiwi Engineering Challenge.

They spotted a good concept, shoved all-in along with NZ Engineering News, and logistically the Challenge will be in part propped by its avenues to market to promote the event. Finalists in two categories will be exhibited on Engineering News‘ stand with announcements of the winner on the seceond day of EMEX 2018 at the Greenlane Event Centre on May 2 (exhibition runs May 1-3).

The competition launch itself will be featured in our October edition and open for entries from October 1. We will make a song and dance about it at that time, and give you all the information needed to showcase your engineering talent through your manufacture of a Kiwi – any Kiwi – in Professional and Student sections. Quality of make will be important, but much judging emphasis will be placed on Kiwi innovation. Moving CNC-machined parts or perhaps you’ll go down the road of a mechanical robot Kiwi, or even something out-of-this world 3D printed; whatever you choose it needs to make people’s jaw drops that you and the engineering industry have been able to turn such a simple and proud Kiwi symbol into a re-engineered masterpiece. A work of mechanical art.  Read more