April 2017 


Publisher’s Desk – Tax – the three letter word tha’ts worse than a four letter one

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Death and taxes… the only certainties in life. You can thank Benjamin F for that pearl of wisdom.

Duty, levy, tariff… however it is described, seeing a section of your income carved off your weekly pay is often tough to take for some and can be the final straw come election time for others, particularly when the public sees two candidates for PM that aren’t really much chop. One issue can be a dominant differential.

Tax cut promises will come because, much like what we’ve seen in America with Trumpmania, NZ has a swag of people that are struggling and don’t answer polls… often they don’t even have a phone. Middle America has some resemblance in Middle Earth. However even precious tax cut offerings are unlikely to change a government.

But I’ve always believed taxes are a problem solver. We, as a society, need something then there’s a tax to pay for it. Read more