March 2017 

Cover Story – First Break SG Metals

SouthMACH 2017 – Celebrating  the heart land of manufacturing

Snapchat – Delft Hyperloop – Hamilton to Auckland in 5 minutes anyone?

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New Zealand is the second-best country in the world to do business with (Forbes 2016)

A little over two years ago I went to my first exhibition within the engineering industry – SouthMACH.

With eyes wide open, I was excited at what I would see while also very interested at just what sort of a trade show it would be. Having been to some over the largest shows on this planet with footprints of over a million square feet, I wondered at just what this one – at the other end of little ol’ New Zealand and scale – would be like.

The first morning gave me plenty of time to zip around and chat with a few suppliers to the industry… attendee foot traffic was low. Instead of any excitement the industry suppliers I visited might have had at meeting the new editor of Engineering News, I quickly got a feeling of just how much time and investment these companies put into their tradeshows. All of them were nervous with sweaty brows and eyes darting in all directions to catch the first glimpse of what they hoped would be a stampede of potential customers through show doors.  Read more…..